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Re: "MMA Strength-Endurance Training - Be Stronger...Longer"

In looking at your original post, there are absolutely ways to track your progress. All the info is there, you track your progress by seeing your times lower in the benchmark workouts such as fran, angie etc. Crossfit is all about increasing your power out put accross the three metabolic pathways (phosphagen(power), glycolic(strength endurance) and oxidative(aerobic/endurance)).

While it is true the benchmarks have a set rx. But that does not mean that they have to be absolute. For example, take Fran the times for the elite athletes in this method are approaching sub 2:00. At some point there will be a total bottoming out of that time. Those folks will have to scale up, remember this is what constantly vaired funcional movements at high intensity are all about.

It is up to the individual to track your progress by recording your numbers in all the WODS. There are max efforts days, med effort days, etc.

As I look at this modality, there seems to be infinite ways to apply it. The hopper method of workouts "randomization" provides for this.
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