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Re: Krav Maga hits Columbus!


Glad you like Ohio Krav Maga. I'm an instructor there as well as a member at Rogue Fitness. I teach the crazyfit class which is pretty much crossfit but I'll throw in some combatives(kicks, punches, knife defenses) in between doing burpees, pull ups, and sprints and yes, we have weights. I'll get them out if the class is small since we only have 1 bar at this time.

CoreTactix is a nice place, I had my week long Phase A krav maga instructor training there. Their instructors are top notch as well, Mark (owner of Ohio Krav Maga) trained most of them.

I'm sure I've met you but with all the new people coming in, it's hard to keep everyone straight. I will be there tonight doing BJJ (thursday the 27th) but will be my last day until the 14th..VACATION TIME

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