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Krav Maga hits Columbus!


I'd been looking for a krav maga center for months, I asked around with various martial arts practitioners and even called the columbus jewish community center; nada. Then I go to visit the local crossfit affiliate and BAM there it is in the same friggin complex! That's what I get for crossfitting in my barn!

Anyhow I joined today for 12 months after a kick a$$ introductory class. It was exactly what I'd been looking for. Functional, practical, and intense. I have xfit to thank for the ability to actually go all out while keeping up with the class and impressing the instructors with my "hip recruitment," lol. I was extremely impressed with their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to helping the newbie (me).

They offer additional programs in bjj, boxing, mma, weapons defense, taikwondo, and something called Crazyfit (which sounds like some incarnation of Crossfit). Membership is all inclusive, so whatever they offer now or in the future is included at no extra cost! They even have a small workout room with still rings and some other toys that's available for use when there's not a class going on in there. No weights (that I saw) though.

While you're there stop by the cf affiliate just around the other side of the building. (wfs)
Basically put together they are a one stop shop for becoming a total bada$$.
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