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Re: SS novice seeking advice

Originally Posted by Kyle Planeaux View Post
@Eric: How would I go about doing that? As of right now I do dips twice a week, 3 sets to failure, weighted. Right now I'm doing them with 35# on a weight belt doing 6-10 reps usually. One day they come after power cleans and that isn't too bad, but the other day they come after bench press and that usually isn't conducive to doing too many reps. Sometimes I even have to put the weight down to 25# or unweighted to get out more than 6 reps.
Weighted dips will help, or just do them grease the groove style. Do 3-4 sets throughout the day at half your max number of reps. So if you can do 20 dips, do 3-4 sets of 10. Once those get ridiculously easy, bump it up to sets of 12. And so on. You're not going anywhere near failure so it won't mess with your recovery but your strength and NME will still progress.
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