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Re: 50/50

Originally Posted by Nick Hoffman View Post
I didn't know he wasn't liked; why is that? Seems like a cool enough guy.
He's extremely controversial in the ultrarunning community. Some people like him, others hate him.

Basically his detractors say that a) he exaggerates his feats b) many of his feats can and have been bested by other runners and c) money is his overriding concern

For example I pulled this from another message board:

While I was at Western States this year (I finally got in).. I was ****ED
pretty early in the race when I never saw a dude with a Shotgun starting us
up to the top of Squaw. When I got to the top of Squaw.. there was a more
magnificent view BEHIND me then there was ahead of me... and I couldn't make
out where the hell Auburn was either way... (in Dean's Book.. he tells us
about this magnificent view of snow capped mountains and hundreds of miles
of terrain we were about to cross... that view doesn't exist from the top of
Squaw.) and then.. I looked for Karno Cliff... the one he claims he fell off
of..Doesn't exist... there is no cliff he could have fallen off and lived to
tell the tell... which leads me to believe that he has the same super powers
at Bruce Willis in Unbreakable.

Never been to WS so I can't say.

Regardless, I think he's a great endurance athlete.
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