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Originally Posted by Nick Hoffman View Post
I just finished this book. It follows Dean Karnazes on his journey to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Not only did he do that (and while finishing his last marathon in 3 hours), he also decided to run 1,300 miles in a month back to start of his first marathon. This guy is a beast, if there ever was one.

He's also a proponent of midfoot strike running, minimalist footware (even recommended VFFs) and the "caveman" diet.
He eats mostly paleo when he's not training or racing, but it's my understanding he eats whatever he can when he needs calories. He has a story about ordering pizza while running and having the delivery guy meet him at an intersection, and finishing the pizza while running.

He's not well-liked in the ultrarunning community. I think he's impressive though.
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