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Informative Speech on CrossFit for University

Hey, guys

I have an assignment coming up soon - I want your help--well, more specifically, your opinion. I am supposed to give a 5-minute [which is dramatically too short a time] informative speech on a topic; I chose CrossFit. I really want to know what the community would consider to be the most important values of CrossFit I should relate to my class.
I already have a general idea of what I want to talk about:

1) What is CrossFit? (it's origins, community and it's main goal)
2) How does CrossFit benefit me - intuitively, why should you do it? (its methods, results and functions)
3) How can I start Crossfit? (from the box to the garage)

Do you guys think that these key points can best summarize what CF is and why an individual should do it?
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