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Re: JC's Crossfit & Zone Log

Originally Posted by Dave Coughlin View Post
Easy guys-I'm just a knuckle dragger on a ladder truck trying to have some fun. Also not to rub it in, but my FD has its own helicopter (didnt know that about you Marcus-sweet gig bro) AND an in-house fully accreditted paramedic program. Fact is, you need PM down here in FL to get a job as well; I'm lucky to have had a couple years in already, before the PM boom arrived.

BTW I found this regarding out of state FF2 licensure, some guys from OH and PA were looking into coming down here.

I am certified as a Firefighter II in another state, can I transfer my certificate to Florida?
A Firefighter Minimum Standards Equivalency Examination is offered to individuals who have received training in another state (or country), that is evaluated as equivalent to that required in Florida's Firefighter Minimum Standards Course. To determine an individual's eligibility for the Equivalency Examination, a two-part application process is required. The Preliminary Equivalency Application (DFS-K4-1309) is submitted to the Challenge Review Board, along with supporting documentation. Such documentation should be a transcript, by subject, of the hours spent in initial training. Upon review and approval of the training documentation by the Challenge Review Board, an application for the Equivalency Examination and Certification will be sent to the applicant. The Equivalency Examination is offered four times a year at the Florida State Fire College in Ocala. Please refer to the Testing Schedule for test dates. (wfs)

(Ocala is about 30 minutes away from Gainesville)

So probie, are you going to post some workouts or not?:stir:
hey man, i hear probie enough at the station , but yeah im going to go try to get one in before the wings game
Squat: 405lb Bench: 305lb Press: 160lb Deadlift: 435lb
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