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Re: Lost 40 lbs...Recovery questions

my diet right now consist of about .5 cup of oatmeal with .5 cup of milk for breakfast - occasionally with a piece of fruit. Lunch is usually half a sandwich with whole wheat bread and a couple olives or celery. Dinner is usually a 6oz piece of fish, chicken or beef with a side salad (lettuce, tomato, a little cheese) and honey mustard dressing. During the day I will snack on some nuts, celery or something like that but not a whole lot. I drink lots of water and will have a max of 8oz of fruit juice through the day (usually prune or cran).

For sleep, well it varies. I'm in the bar business and late nights are the norm. Last night I didn't see the pillow until after 4am so 7 hours gets me to 11am. I have three kids and missing half the day with them to get a couple extra hours usually doesn't happen. But I think I need more sleep.

what do you think?

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