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Re: Q for Tucker - Grip Thumbs Round the Bar?

Originally Posted by Jeff R Tucker View Post

sorry to disagree with you... if you know how to use an active and transtional grip and release tension with thumb around the apparatus and hand still over hand and around bar you will tear less often - and your safety goes still increases... it is a grip often used in gymnastics - you wont be allowed to not use your thumb in our gymnastic cert. period!

once you know how to use your thumb properly - it works for yo and also increases grip strength

much love - tuck
Tucker this is absolute bull****, you are NEVER allowed to disagree with me! I guess this means I will have to switch back to thumb around the bar. BTW how do I work the active thumb grip?

Jerry as a rule of thumb (awful....awful pun) always listen to Tucker, Steven Low, Robert Lowe, or Roger Harllel (sp?) over what I write or anyone esle for that matter when it comes to gymnastics.
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