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Re: Snacks throughout the day?

That is alot of carbs. Depending on the kind of bread you use, each slice is anywhere from 15-20 grams of carbs. Not to mention that bread is not a good source of carbs, it lacks nutrients your body needs and will make you hungry quicker as opposed to eating fruits and vegetables. You've got to learn how to eat just chicken with some fruit or vegetables and a fat source. Also, peanut butter has hydrogenated oil, do a search on that for more info as to why you shouldn't be eating alot of it. I would get some almond/cashew/macademia butter, much better source of fat despite the higer price.

Many people on these forums find that they both perform and feel better on a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb life-style. Moderate in the sense of eating at least as much protein as your LBM requires, preferrably a little more. Eating this way will also minimize the fat you gain while gaining weight/strength. This just makes it easier to go back to doing more metcons because your times will not suffer as much and you will be able to get back to normal times (for yourself) much quicker.
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