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Snacks throughout the day?

My goal is weight/strength gain (I'm currently doing a SS/CF routine)- I don't really follow the Zone but consider my diet to be pretty healthy. My question is about those in between meal snacks. Currently I am a student, so with the time limitations I have 3 meals a day with snacks in between, this is what I typically eat throughout the day (I cook for myself so there is not too much variety ):

-6 am-Breakfast- (a mix of peanut butter/yogurt/cottage cheese/granola

-8:30am-Post-workout snack- peanut butter sandwich with a banana

-10:30am- In between class snack- 21 almonds and a handful of raisins and dried apricots (is this a good snack? the nuts provide fat and protein, raisins and apricots are the carbs)

-1pm lunch- 2 days a week this is soup with a chicken sandwich the rest of the time it is a side of carbs like pasta, buckwheat or potatoes with chicken or beef and some veggies and fruit

-3pm- snack chicken sandwich

-7pm dinner- same thing as lunch except a different side of carbs and a different meat with veggies and fruit

-9/10pm pre bed meal- usually ice cream (sometimes with peanut butter), when there is no ice cream it is a chicken breast with some veggies

so on a typical day I eat 2-3 sandwiches, that seems like too many carbs (4-6 slices of bread in addition to the lunch and dinner carbs I already take in) through out the day- can anyone suggest something other than sandwiches (I'd hate to just each a chicken breast without anything else)?

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