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Re: deep squats and meniscus

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
I tried to post this on ************ forums for mark rippetoe but it wouldnt let me post a new thread... the whole site was being funky so i dunno... anyways what do you guys think??

I work in the athletic training room at Santa Clara University and started doing the Starting Strength novice rutine recently. One of my bosses in the training room saw me doing deep squats and was all upset and said it looked so painful. I tried to explain to her about how deep squats activate the hamstrings and keep balanced force over the knee and help prevent ACL injuries but she responded saying that some studies have shown that is questionable and that going below parralell in squats puts a ton of stress on the meniscus. Not wanting to argue with my boss too much i left it at that and kept doing my deep squats because i do not think she is correct.

Since then i have tried to look up studies on Olympic lifters(overhead squaters and snatchers) and meniscus tears but have found little. I also searched this forum and found little on the subject so i figured i would post and ask you Do lifters going below parralell have increased incidence of meniscus tears? What do you think about this argument?

Thank you very much for the input!! Hopefully ill be able to use it the next time i talk to my boss

Ask her to produce the, "studies," she refers to. I'd be curious to seem them myself.

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