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Re: Thumbs on top of bar for kip prevents ripped callous?

I've been waiting on a thread like this to ask a (hopefully not stupid) question.

I've been reading and following the Starting Strength program. One of the first things I learned in the DL chapter is that I actually didn't know how hold a bar.

Previously callouses formed on my hands in the DL and pullups mainly because I was placing the bar too close to the wrist, right in the middle of my palm. The bar *wants* to travel to the bottomed-out position on the fingers, so it folds the skin on the palm, near the fingers--the place where everybody shows their tears and callouses. During all of my SS workouts so far, I've placed the bar as Rippetoe recommends: already bottomed out so there's nothing to fold. Amazingly, I don't have even the slightest redness or irritation from holding the bar this way, which was a MASSIVE contrast to before. I didn't even have chalk.

Why do people not hold the bar this way for pullups also? It seems to me like it would help. However, SS is very popular around here, so many folks surely know about this way to grip a bar. I can't do pullups right now or I'd give it a shot.

So what gives?
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