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Re: How Has Paleo Worked For You?

Originally Posted by Susie Rosenberg View Post
I have been, for the most part. Except for those mornings I woke up feeling the need to eat.

It's only been a couple of weeks, so I'm no expert and I'm willing to change things as I go along.

I've been doing a whole lot of reading lately about longevity and health, including the original studies done on the Okinawans, those people with the highest proportion of healthy elders---including those living to and beyond 100.

What I'm concluding from this reading is that vastly different food cultures have better health indices than the US, ranging from the French, with their diets rich in saturated fat, white bread, and wine, to the Okinawans, who eat white rice, vegetables, fish, a little meat, sea vegetables and little fat.

What the French and the Okinawans do have in common is that their traditional diets are not industrialized: they eat real food, and not too much.

So whether paleo works because it's paleo, or because it's real food, well....the evidence seems to suggest it's the "real food" aspect, based upon my reading.

The problem is, real food is getting harder and harder to find.

Real food might be bread made from fresh flour, yeast, salt and water, but certainly not the stuff that comes presliced, with preservatives and HFCS and lasts for weeks without spoiling.

Real food might be yogurt made from the milk of a grassfed animal that changes its taste over the grazing year, but it almost certainly does not include "go-gurt" in a tube, or Light 'n Fit yogurt sweetened with aspartame or Splenda.

Real food might include slow-cooked whole oats, but it almost certainly is not Cap'n Crunch cereal that also will last longer than your child's infatuation with the stuff.

The rest of that crap in the market is a manufactured edible. It is not real food.

Personally I believe something like Paleo diet might as well be the "Grapefruit Diet" or any other gimmick. And part of why I believe that was re-enforced by you in this post.

Let me first say that I believe if something works for you, then KEEP DOING IT. I'm not here to "show you the light" and get you stop your diet. I'm just here for the discussion/debate aspect.

I believe that the two biggest problems as to why we have obesity and health problems in this country is that 1) People do not make their own food anymore and 2) People don't understand/care about what they eat and are more concerned with food tasting good than serving its purpose.

Now, one reason I have a beef with the Paleo diet (and others) is that instead of really educating someone on nutrition, it becomes a quick fix. "Eat this, this way and here's some studies to back me up". You can find a legit study to back anything up nowadays.

The other reason is that Paelo diet, "warrior diets", "hunter-gather", etc...are all theories. We have no real idea how our ancestors ate. We can make theories, maybe make comparisons to other "primitive" cultures, etc...but we can't say beyond a doubt that, for example, they didn't eat a lot of fruit or that they ate meat on any kind of regular basis.

To go along with that, unless you are eating raw meat then you are not truly following a paleo diet. Putting any kind of pepper, spice, etc on your food would be breaking it...shoot drinking coffee is breaking it.

If you allow exceptions for these, how can you justify the others? We could go on and on, but what is called "paleo diet" is probably far, far away from what we actually did in paleo times.

Instead of telling someone they shouldn't eat bread because they usually buy the awful supermarket variety, why not teach them how to make bread from scratch with natural ingredients and then teach them about portion control? "Limiting", as done in diets like Paleo, just kind of skirt around the issue, imo.

But that won't make a good diet book. You need a gimmick, a catch.

You are wrong, real food is not getting harder to find...people are just more lazy. People do not want to take the time to cook their own meals.

I agree with a lot of your points. It's just that if you look at why the paleo works, its definitly not because its the diet itself but the same old things that we should all know by now: lower calories throughout the day, we should eat less carbs, eat more fiber, cut out preserves and other chemicals, remove refined and man-made sugar, eat more veggies, more healthy fats, etc...

All the talk from the paleo about severely limited or cutting out carbs is goofy to me. Especialy when talking about fruit. What if, in theory, the reason they lived shorter lives in paleo times was from a lack of carbs? What if their brains and bodies couldn't functionally as well because of not having enough glucose? Maybe that's why we can invent computers and send people to the moon and they didn't. Why would you want to revert back to time when we have no idea how healthy they actually were?

It's just an idea. I would say its more likely we survived that diet than survived because of it.

anyways, just my thoughts. rip away y'all.

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