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Re: How Has Paleo Worked For You?

I have had great success experimenting with the "Paleo-Diet". I do not follow the strict "Paleo" guidelines i.e. (NO Dairy, NO Grain, NO Sugar, NO Beans). I incorporate organic dairy, cheese, and beans into my diet with no noticeable negative effects. I do, however, highly limit my consumption of pasta and grain. I have found that since eliminating grains from my diet, I am more in tune with my body when eating. My satiety is more alert, probably due to the higher amount of chewing, which leads me to overeat less and avoid the disastrous "food coma" after meals, a staple of poor insulin sensitivity due to the over consumption of processed carbs.

My diet philosophy can most accurately be associated with Arthur Devany (, a former professor of Economics at the University of California, Irvine. His diet guidelines, which he refers to as "Evolutionary Fitness", are a mixture of a Paelo diet (no salt, no beans, no dairy) with the benefits of the oils found in the Mediterranean diet. Intermittency and variation are the rules along the exclusionary guidelines of the Paleo diet. No measuring, vary your proportions and eating frequency based on instinct, pick whole, natural foods, throw in an intermittent fast every few days, and eat until you're satiated, not stuffed. DeVany even enjoys a beer and a glass of wine every few days, not fixated on the carb count, and keeps a page on his website where he photographs his meals. I have found his dietary concept to be highly informative, as he challenges much of the conventional wisdom regarding meal proportions (aka "Blocks"), and gasp...CALORIE COUNTING.
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