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Re: How Has Paleo Worked For You?

I think Susie's post is, as usual, spot on. Regardless of the validity of its theoretical basis, Paleo is an excellent rule of thumb to identify foods that are actually "real" and foods that are practically impossible to overeat, especially in the industrialized food culture of the US. Fresh dairy products from grazed dairy cows can, in my opinion, form part of a healthy diet. But since 99% of Americans wouldn't have access to such dairy products even if they knew that they couldn't find anything remotely close on the supermarket shelf, Paleo's dairy ban makes perfect sense. A small portion of fresh, naturally leavened, hand-kneaded, whole grain bread is sometimes just the thing to replenish depleted energy stores but in a world where "Jumbo-Family-Size Superwhite Partially-Embalmed Glucose-Injected Wonder Loaf" is what most people consider bread, it's hard to argue with Paleo's ban on grains. Personally, I've gone from being a nutritional moron to a religious Paleo follower to a well-informed eater who can easily sort "food" from "food systems" and "just enough" from "too much" (thank you CrossFit!). For those lacking the knowledge and/or discipline to consistently choose the former instead of the latter as I once did, Paleo is not a bad place to start.
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