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Re: Anybody buying equipment from Get Rxd?

Originally Posted by Chad Lee View Post
Anybody in the Bay Area, preferably around Santa Clara area buying equipment from get rxd? I was thinking of buying the guillotine, it comes out to $532 after shipping. However, the website offers 5% off $1,000. If we combine orders and reach $1,000 both our purchases will be a little cheaper. Please PM me
Hey Chad,

Not sure if you ordered 1 as of yet, but I thought it would be worth pointing out that the 8' Guillotine by Get RX'd weighs 160LBs (50LBs more).

As for shipping, you are likely being quoted at the minimum for freight. Basically, you could add a few more items to your shopping cart and shipping costs would stay the same. You can find out more about how shipping on our site works here: [WFS]
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