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Re: Q about tracking WOD's

Originally Posted by David Vessey View Post
I use a really simple spreadsheet on google docs

New sheet for each year

Columns are:

date | Metric (time/weight/etc) | Description | Comments

So the entry for the modified 'Ralph' I did looks like this:

12/11/2012 | 29m 59s | Ralph-ish 4 rds: 8x 225lbs DL, 16x burpees, 15x towel pull ups, run 600m | kind of 'ralph' WOD, scaled down. ran on treadmill

pretty easy to search, can do some simple metrics about how often I actually make it to the gym. My next project will be to try and parse out descriptions to actually measure work and even power output, curious to see if there's been a major change since I started ~6 years ago
Thanks for the replies everyone. Dave, have you seen the Power Output Calculator at Catalyst Athletics? WFS
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