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Re: tough mudder beginner

Originally Posted by Jason Mayhugh View Post
No time limit but there is a cut off time at the end of the day. if you havent made it to the half way mark by 4:30 you will be asked to leave the course. I would just say no. lol. Heres a link from last year when I ran and did mainsite wods and I did two a day for a while to. Im 36 5'11" 250 and made it through with no sprains or strains. I credit crossfit for that all the way. Use to play rugby league and would devlope strains often.

And the elctroshock was no big deal. It hurt but it was short and sweet. Just keep running.
Yeah it was short and sweet, but there was one guy just behind me that got shocked and forgot to close his eyes during the face plant. Man I felt bad for him
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