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Re: Can't Lose Belly Fat

Originally Posted by Dan Schaal View Post
We have been married for seven years and together for 10. It has just surfaced that she is questioning whether or not I am her 'soulmate'. It is really comical, if not pathetic, that a 'soulmate' trumps a loving partnership though marriage and the needs your childre have in keeping the family together, this is where we are. The funny thing is, whenever I tell people about her questioning whether or not I am her soulmate, they usually laugh and thing it is pathetic and self-absorbed.
I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with someone who thought I was pathetic and self-absorbed. Even if it were true.

Athletic trainers often need to be reminded that the client's goals are their goals, however misguided they might seem to be. You can help the client meet them, you can gently educate them toward "better" goals, but you're not going to get anywhere by scoffing at them. This sounds like the same kind of situation. She may not be able to articulate it very well, but there's clearly a need that isn't being met. Telling her that it's silly won't make it go away.

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