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Re: Fish Oil Recomendation

Originally Posted by Matt Charney View Post
There are 2 kirklands. You don't want the 400 capsule one. Like stated it only has 300 mg epa/dha. You want a capsule with at least 600mg of epa/dha. When trying to get 3 gs a day you have to take 5 of these or 10 of the others.

Kirkland has one that says one a day that meet the 600mg criteria. These are the ones Robb recommends not the $9 ones. These give me the burps that tast like fish. I can't do the one a days.
The 600mg ones cost twice as much for half as many they're 4x as expensive on a per-capsule basis yet you're only getting 2x as much omega-3s. They do have an enteric coating, so if burps are a problem for you the 600mg ones are probably a better choice. I've never had issues though even taking 20+ of the 300mg per day.

http://*************/?p=466&cpage=1 (WFS) This will answer a lot of questions anyone might have--read the comments too for more Q&A. He mentions the enteric coating on the 600mg Kirkland but aside from that doesn't say if one is any better than the other on the purity side--in several other posts he says he's taking Kirkland but doesn't specify. My guess (though I could be wrong) would be that the 300mg and 600mg are the same quality and purity fish oils, just in different concentrations.
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