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Re: Fish Oil Recomendation

There are 2 kirklands. You don't want the 400 capsule one. Like stated it only has 300 mg epa/dha. You want a capsule with at least 600mg of epa/dha. When trying to get 3 gs a day you have to take 5 of these or 10 of the others.

Kirkland has one that says one a day that meet the 600mg criteria. These are the ones Robb recommends not the $9 ones. These give me the burps that tast like fish. I can't do the one a days.

I get mine online from AM B Well. They are 5 star rated by the You can actually see the values of the toxins and ingredients. If you don't use a 5 star rated fish oil it is buyer beware. Every bottle has a lot number.
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