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Re: First time Fran and Thrusters

Originally Posted by Mike Goldberg View Post
Fran is a "sprint", so the object is to get this done as quickly as possible. Therefore, don't build in any rest breaks - you'll probably be resting enough as it is. Bring your weights to the backyard so they are as near to the pullup bar as possible.
Thanks Mike. I'd like to get more info on building in the rest breaks. 400m or less to me is a sprint and I can run a 400m in approx 1:15. The Fran times I have looked at have been anywhere from 6m to 12m which would make Fran more comparable to a 1m run. Therefore I would think there has to be some sort of pacing involved. I know from experience I can destroy the rest of my workout by killing myself on the first set. For example, if I pop of 21 PU's the first set but then I'm stuck doing sets of five or triples the rest of the workout that didn't really help me get a faster time.

Side note on brining weights to back hard. There is a slide grade in my backyard. I suppose I want to try to find the flatest area as possible close to the PU bar and point my toes down hill. That should be the same as wearing a lifting shoe with lifted heels. I'll probably go barefoot then.
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