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Re: First time Fran and Thrusters

Fran is one of those workouts that just destroys you, and it's quite surprising just how effective it does that.

Fran is a "sprint", so the object is to get this done as quickly as possible. Therefore, don't build in any rest breaks - you'll probably be resting enough as it is. Bring your weights to the backyard so they are as near to the pullup bar as possible. Obviously, the goal is to do the sets unbroken, but more realistically, the first few times you do Fran you'll probably find yourself breaking them in half or even thirds. Do what you can, rest for a couple breaths, then get some more.

It sounds like you've done a few metcons before, so if you feel ready to do it as prescribed, go for it. I wouldn't recommend going Rx to someone who is just getting started - that's an invitation for Rhabdo.

If you can't finish the workout as prescribed, drop down the weight, and work your way up over time. It's always better to learn the movements with proper form using lighter weights, so there is absolutely no shame in that.

One thing's for certain - it'll be an educational experience.

You'll probably be surprised by what this workout does to you, but don't be disappointed in your performance. Just use it to compare your future performance to gauge improvement.

Good luck!

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