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garage gym (hopefully)

we just bought a new house (built in 1938) that has a detached garage. i want to have a gym in the garage and get out of my current gym. not that my gym is bad, they actually let me do pretty much what i want and they have good equipment, but they don't have bumpers and sometimes people get on my nerves.

the space i have to work with is about 18' x 9.5' with an 8' ceiling. the ceiling is really just rafters but the garage is old and i'm not too sure of the strength of the construction. i want to put a pullup bar on one of the rafters but don't want to tear the whole building down when i start kipping. the rafters are spaced 2' apart and i'm going to attempt to attach pictures (the miata stays in the garage, everything on the other end of the garage is going to move to make room for the gym). does this look safe? i want to attach a 48" bar with some elbows directly to one of the rafters. i think there will be enough room for me to pull up between the rafters. if i can't get a safe and workable pullup bar there is no reason for me to go any further with this plan. i might need to add some support on the rafters to make the pullup bar safer, but i guess i'll never know until i try.

is the 8' high enough for oly lifts/ overhead squats? i'm 5'10". it seems doable to me.

the equipment i currently have is:
buddy lee jump rope
elite rings
homemade slam ball
35lb kettlebell
one 40lb dumbbell (somehow ended up in my college apartment)
pullup bar (soon to be attached)
homemade dip station from pipe, needs to be reassembled

first things i plan on buying/making:
24" box
sandbags (i think i can make some sandbags and do a lot of the wods with them in place of BB)
squat stands (homemade)
bumpers and a bar (probably wright rubber bumpers and bar)

eventually i'd like to get more weights to go with the bumpers, a c2 rower, and a 1.5 and 2 pood kettlebell.

in summary, here are my questions:
do you think these rafters look safe for a pullup bar and me kipping on them?
is 8' high enough to do overhead lifts?
is there enough room for all this stuff?
should i be changing my equipment focus?
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