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Re: Let's revamp the CF Warmup

Good stuff. My two cents:

I've used different approaches, meaning, I've used the full "CF standard" warmup, I've played around with whatever I feel like, and I've skipped warmups entirely. There are pros and cons, and I think the important considerations regarding the reasons we should warm up have been raised:

- psychological readiness
- physical readiness:
-- neuromuscular for all major functions
-- ROM and joint mobility
-- general bloodflow and temperature

Skipping a warmup completely? Sometimes I'd rather sacrifice average power for time efficiency, and just jump right in. I can still ease into a workout (depending what type it is) and ramp up the intensity as I get warm. My effective peak intensity is shorter than if I blasted through the whole thing, but arguable at a higher level as I have less volume to work through at max intensity. Just leads to a slightly different workout, but benefits still abound if you maintain awareness of your physical readiness and capability and don't overdo it.

As far as standard warmup, I do love our slogan "Our warmup is your workout". I ramped up to a respectable work capacity last summer/fall, but focusing on my sport all winter, essentially laid off CF. Getting back into it this Spring, I've found the official warmup to be an excellent tool to add volume and general conditioning to my training. Yes, upon starting back, it was a workout unto itself. Now (again) banging off 30+ pullups etc etc to warmup is no big deal.

And as far as Samson stretch, I go with my instinct and do multiple reps of lunges in place, to "wake up" my hips as someone else commented.

I do find it useful to have a template to go by, as I often get lazy when I'm just playing around, and don't get as thoroughly warmed-up as the "official" warmup does.

What next for me - more skill work and focus on my weak areas, substituting other exercises while maintaining a conditioning-level volume and all the aspects of a good warmup mentioned previously (ROM, function, bloodflow etc).
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