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Re: Why Didn't I Start A Log Earlier? Greg Fischers Log in Fort Worth

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats


19:35. I used the street that I live on as my track, approx 400m? I'll use the same course next time to gauge myself. I was really hurting on the squats. They were broken every round. Legs were definately killed from the previous workouts but I thought I would finish around 15min. Running splits were 90-110 seconds. I have to be able to string the air squats together and get a stopwatch to time all of the splits. Awesome workout, but dissapointed it took me so long.

8pm Planche Training

8am 12 oz coffee, 1/4 whole wheat bagel

11am 6oz chunk light tuna

1:30pm 6 almonds

3pm 1 serving carrots, 1 serving celery, 2 tbsp P.B.

5pm 10 oz coffee

7pm 1 cup shrimp, 4 slices bacon

8:30pm 1 serving cottage cheese

Well my legs have had enough. Tough week. I feel some really hard metcon's lurking in my future for this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has helped me with my form and diet. Right now I'm really trying to reduce the sugar intake. It's crazy how many products have high amounts of sugar. I mean milk has 12g per glass! Funny to think that I'll be cutting my monthly sugar intake by Thousands of grams. Im not in an immediate rush to be on a Zone or Paleo diet. I am still researching and figuring out how my body reacts to different foods at different times of the day. I'm still building my core strength so I don't know if I'd even notice a signifigant difference yet anyway... I'm proud of my progression so far, 2 months ago I'd still be deciding to do back and bi's, chest and tri's, or legs for my workout on any given day. I'm going to take one thing at a time and that includes diet, but I am definately getting rid of as much sugar as possible immediately. I will get closer to a scientific/athletic diet each trip to the store and before I know it I'll be there, I mean the logic of it all is almost impossible to ignore for much longer
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