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Re: 2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Jason Fischer View Post
Speaking of teams, whether it was because of the big names (Froning, Khalipa, Hackenbruck, Fisher, etc) competing in the team events or because the events were just programmed better (probably both), I definitely had an interest in the team competition this year. In previous years I couldn't be bothered to watch them, but this year I enjoyed it almost as much as the individual competition.
The team events have always been great, though there are times when I get a little sick of the "how many ways can we use the worm?" factor. They used to be hard to watch, because they would run at the same time as some of the individual events, so you would have to either choose to watch them instead of the individuals, or take the time to go watch them in the archives, after the fact. They've started to get a lot more attention in the past few years, fueled in part by the need to compete with the NPGL, along with the fact that local events are starting to shift more toward teams than individuals.

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