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Rest Day Macros - Invictus Competition

Hi everyone -

I am currently following Invictus' Competition programming, thus I am in the gym ~2 - 2.5 hours 5x a week. On my rest days, I have an airdyne at home I like to hop on for some active recovery. Nothing intense, perhaps 30 minutes of a nice, steady pace.

My question is, on these rest days, do I need to keep my carbs as high as I would on a normal training day? Due to the high volume of training, I have been maintaining the same macros 7x a week essentially. I just want to know if I should/can reduce my carbs and up my fat on rest days since I am not training these 2x a week, and expect my performance (energy levels) to stay the same. I will still keep my calories the same 7x a week.

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