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Re: Good flat sole shoe for heel strikers

Originally Posted by Patrick Rushbrook View Post
I know I should probably search more, but even mentioning a shoe brings up a trillion results.

I need something I can run in and squat in in the same workout. I wear Nanos and Frees depending on the workout, and I wear Oly's for barbell only. I've been working with a trainer and recently he's programmed Zerchers in a met-con that involves me also hitting the treadmill. Today wasn't too bad because the runs were only 200m at a time. I could probably even stand 400's but I'll start getting knee and foot pain if I run much more than that in Nanos. Last week I did the workout in Frees, but the squats were unstable.

The new Nike met-con looks decent and I saw a Puma Bioweb that might be ok. I know the Nikes aren't out yet, but has anyone tried the Bioweb for the mixed workouts? Any other shoe I should be looking at?
For what it's worth, I have a pair of these (WSF) and have had no issues. They're solid for running, I've box jumped in them and WODs with Oly lifts. I actually bouth the black,and a pair of yellow/gray.

The shoe is "minimalist" with decent cushioning but stable....IMO.

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