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Re: Elbow pain---maybe tendonitis?

Do you grip the bar tight on bench? What about pull ups, KBS?

My guess is that your wrist extensors are being overworked for something else. First guess would be grip and wrist/finger flexors, but your answers to the above questions would be helpful.

Originally Posted by Daniel Alderete View Post
Elbow pain, maybe tennis elbow/tendonitis?

I'm 32, 5'8", 175....and other than this issue, in the best shape and health of my life. It's not soreness, I know soreness very well. The pain has been with me for three weeks, and started at a time when I introduced more exercise, more volume (I've since stopped this extra work---still following my normal routine, crossfit football, as prescribed).

I can bench hundreds of pounds, no problem and no pain. BUT, when I go to do something as simple as turn a door knob, or give a firm handshake, or swish around food in a cast iron sautee pan, it's hurts like hell. Deadlifts hurt, because of the gripping, but bench doesn't hurt for some reason.

A compression sleeve I've been wearing seems to help...a little.

Location of the pain: outside elbow/upper forearm area.

Any help/ideas? I just want it to go away
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