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Re: Skateboarding and Crossfit Update

Originally Posted by Judi Oyama View Post
Little update to this I accidentally wrote that start ramp was 12 feet it was 9. As it turns out the 2013 year end I took the overall Women Masters World ranking 2013 not by a ton but it's the end number that counts.
1 Judi Oyama (USA) 1315
2 Lisa Scott (USA) 1227
3 Paula Kalliokoski (FIN) 907
4 Renata Skrabalova (CZE) 773
5 Erin Barber (USA) 347

Congrats; that's exciting!

How does the scoring system work out that you can win the world championships when there's only 6 races in the US and a total of 76 of them worldwide? If I were European I'd be ticked

I'm a long-time casual park/street skateboarder, never really got any better than basic stuff, but I found it to be great stress relief, but as I age, the injuries take longer and longer to heal... I guess wearing real pads might help with that . I've started skating again every couple of weeks and I discovered how much of a different demand it is from weight training. So many different demands in multiple directions which is a bit lacking in most gym time.
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