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Re: Shoulder pain prevents me from doing pull ups

Did you have 1 year 10 times or 10 years of experience?
Very basically, a stable bar vs. a ring hanging from webbing that has WAY less stability and requires much more in the way of shoulder stability, strict or kipping the stable bar is first in the progression.
If you consider that most shoulder injuries come from a lack of stabilization due to inappropriate or weak muscle activation and the OP canīt do pullups without pain, even in different positions, then he should start a program to activate shoulder stabilizing muscles after seeing a real person who did a shoulder exam to rule out other pathology.
Its the same thing as putting some weight on the bar when the person canīt do the movement without weight. Telling someone "its definitely rotator cuff, Iīd guess", while a contradictory statement in and of itself, on a public forum with 10 years or 100 years of experience is dumb advice.
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