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Re: Workout Log for a Garage Gym Monster

4/29/13 Workout 1

Lifting session

Stable dips
10 body weight
6 90lb belt
6 70lb belt
5 45lb belt
6 45lb belt (burnout)

Flat bench:
8 135lb
4 185lb
3 225lb
4 185lb (burnout)

Low hanging ring flies
10 from feet
15 from knees, max reps

FIRST LEGIT HSPU TODAY. It's about effing time I got over my handstand fear.

4/29/13 Workout 2 4:45 pm

15 min AMRAP:
10 Roll-outs from feet
20 Back loaded lunges 95lb
10 Hanging Wipers

4 Rounds and 7 rollouts

Abdominal suicide. Rollouts take so long it's ridiculous.

Workout 3 5:20 pm


105lb KB Swings


This was also pretty homicidal. Got the first 21 swings unbroken which was the ****. Burpees, well, we all know how much we hate those. Still deciding on a name for this. Thinking Gettysburg. That bad.
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