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Bob Hatfield
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For several days now my lower biceps/ligaments have been pretty sore. It happend after doing the WOD of several days ago: 10 sets of the 30/30 pullup/rest (with bands). It's either the lower part of the biceps or the ligaments -- not sure. It hurts most when I straighten out my arms. Mornings bring pain and stiffness.

The WOD today called for more pullups and I went ahead with it. (I'll feel that in the morning for sure!)

Question: Should I ease off a bit? The pain doesn't bother me -- in fact, if it's supposed to hurt, then I'm all over it. However, if it's a sign that I'm about to injure my arms, I'm going to slow down.

For ref: I'm 40, 225lbs, 25%BF, 6'2" (Body by Bud) and unafraid.

Thanks all.
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