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Re: How did the 2011 Games Open change your preparation for 2012?

Do you want to win the Games or just get through the first round? The training may be different depending on the goal.

The lessons learned for getting through this year's Round 1:
Specialize in 5-20 minute couplet and triplet metcons.
Specialize in the vanilla Crossfit movements seen regularly in the mainpage workouts; don't bother with the more advanced gymnastic movements or super heavy 1RM Oly movements. HSPUs, muscle ups, and 100-120 kilo ground-to-overhead-anyway should be sufficient.

Getting through Round 2 may be different. Don't expect anything that would be logistically difficult to implement across all regions, i.e. forget swimming or rowing on water or any super short event that would be difficult to time/measure or require uncommon implements. The events might be more technical than in the first round however.

Doing well at the Games might depend on stuff learned years ago, not just recent training. There might indeed be an event like swimming or sledge hammer or rock climbing or throwing at that stage. At that point you might be wishing you had handstand walks and L-sit muscle ups and big numbers on the squat snatch and a 400m time under 50 seconds and a 6-foot high jump. You might be wishing you knew how to swim better. Or at all. Or the Games might continue with the "Fittest Person = Metcon Monster" theme, who knows?
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