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How did the 2011 Games Open change your preparation for 2012?

[Disregard the whole 2012 - we're all gonna die in a Mayan zodiac meteor explosion thing, please.]

Average CFers like me are just as welcome to comment as those who actually have a chance doing well at Regionals.

Given that the Open next year will possibly (presumably?) be video-tapable and therefore VERY limited in scope and possible exercises, here's what I'll be doing:

1. Make sure there's no one single exercise that can just knock me out by being there, i.e. ring/bar muscle ups, pistols and HSPU (the latter being the only thing I've got left to haunt me after 3 years of CF).

2. Get strong on barbell stuff, i.e. Oly lifting for those lovely 165# C & J.

3. Go from passable to mad good at Double Unders and Burpees - both easy, simple and effective exercises that I expect in the 2012 Open since they're perfect for the constraints imposed by the video tape option.

In other news I sincerely hope the Regionals and Finals both feature long Endurance events (5k or 10k), since that was completely impossible given the constraints of the video-tape submission option. Or maybe I'm biased. Seems to me a great deal of American CFers think anything beyond 400m is a long run.

Lastly - I have no business in the Finals, but I'd like to at least be able to contribute to a team at Regionals, so that's pretty much my only real goal with this, other than staying healthy. Lest anyone think this is meant as criticism of the Open programming - I think they did a superb job at it given the new format and video-tape field of view constraints, with the added bonus of giving half the competitors new C & J personal records, to boot!
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