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Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog

Had a conversatiopn with a collega and suddenly we had both agreed to run the Rotterdam Marathon in April 2010 together. Well...

7/4 tuesday
interval sprint

10/4 friday
10x Cindy + 10 50kg Bear in 13:47 min

11/4 saturday
amrap 10 min Charlie P ( h-sq-cl + racked lunge L+R + p=press)
5x 40kg, 5x 45kg, 5x 50kg and 2x 55kg in 10 min
then run 3 km in 18:20 min

13/4 monday
p-cl 5x80kg
fr-sq 5x90kg
- pull-up
- ring push-up
time: 4:30 min
Ladder sprint (1x 25-50-75-100 mtr) times 2
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