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Started monday on my second cfsb-cycle and made a few small changes as I did not recuperated enough.
In the next 5 weeks I will do 4 cycles of the following:

day 1: Squat 5x5 +WOD
day 2: Sh-pr 5x5 + DL 1x20 + WOD
day 3: Rest
day 4: DL 5x5 + P-Cl 1x20 + WOD
day 5: OH-sq 5x5 + Squat 1x20 + WOD
day 6: Rest
day 7: P-Cl 5x5 + WOD
day 8: Fr-Sq 5x5 + Sh-Pr 1x20 + WOD
day 9: Rest
Rince and repeat.

sq: 5x 120 kg
WOD during night-shift, not timed
3 rounds of hspu + 20 kg KB-snatch + squats

sh-press: 5x60 kg
dl 20x 100 kg
WOD: Murph-like
30x double under
20x pull-up
10x 50kg thrusters
20x K2E
30x double under
time 7:30 min
Complete development of the full human potential, physical, mental and spiritual. Step by step.

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