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Chris Kemp
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Josh, not sure what comments have been posted for today's WOD but if you tank after 4-5 rounds due to pull-up failure and still have plenty of time left, that would be the perfect time to fall back to a sub. Jumping pull-ups, band assisted, beginner pull-ups (see or even body rows. Do whatever it takes to keep moving fairly steadily.

One method I used with some success was to scale down the pull-up reps to 3 per round. Once I got 18 - 20 rounds with that, I moved up to 4 then on to the full monty.

Or you could check out They post scaled versions of the front page WOD three on/ one off. Here is a work and family safe link to today's WOD at BrandX:

Appropriate scaling on WODs like Cindy will allow you to get the met-con benefit while still improving on your weaknesses.

Cheers, kempie
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