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Mike ODonnell
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If your pulls are getting more into the strength range and not the glycolic transfer, then yes you probably should adjust if this workout is your metcon focus. You can adjust to pullups with a band, jumping pullups, angled ring pulls, etc....always modifications.

You have to make sure that your goals meet your workout. If it's metcon, then you need the appropriate resistance that will keep your metabolic pathways going. Other days you may focus on strength and that's when you hit the lower reps. But if you are doing too much strength, then your body will not recover from the overtraining. I found that out with my pullups, as too many felt like my CNS was frying. So find your metabolic pullups and your strength pullup techniques.

Again, everyone's needs and goals may differ. So what one person's pullups may be to them....may be the complete opposite to you. Find what works for your body and you will see improvements.
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