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Re: Stefan's "Starting Strength" Work out Log

Originally Posted by Stefan Geertsen View Post
Today's Work out:

Squat 3x5x200lbs (Had an easier time than last day i put 200!)
Bench 3x5x145lbs (I think it is actualy increasable for next workout!)
Deadlift 1x5x215lbs (Having a hard time with my grip!)
Weighted Dips 2x+15lbsx8

After that work out I checked up my weight and im at 176 with shoes and clothes on. So i Didn't gain any weight since I started, but I actualy feel like im getting leaner. might be a placebo sort of effect. Who knows.
For deadlifts use straps or an alternating grip although Rippeotoe advises against the alternating grip for some people since it can lead to possible shoulder injury. When I had trouble with my grip during deadlifts it would cause some rounding of the back so I decided to start using straps. When I lost grip my lats would relax more and my upper back would round. Straps fixed this for me. Also, you could try chalk first if you haven't tried that yet.
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