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Stefan Geertsen
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Re: Stefan's "Starting Strength" Work out Log

Took a week off after my last post. Then i did one work out, but my gym replaced all the old equipment with new ones, my friend said one of the trainers there say the barbells are 45's. But i'm thinking they're 50's because or else every single lifts decreased by 5lbs which imo is unreal.

Squat 3x5x200lbs (assuming the bar is 50) had a hard time though
Bench 3x5x140lbs (yeah, decreased)
Deadlift 1x5x220lbs (it is easy to lift but its really hard on my grip, I have the feeling ill drop the bar because my fingers can't hold it)
Weighted Dips 2x+15lbsx8

After that I had to skip 2 work outs because I had important exams to study for. Then i started again yesterday:

Squats 3sets x 195lbs x 5 reps (was fairly easy, going to increase to 200 for good soon)
Shoulder press 3sets x 95lbs x 5 reps
Power Clean 5sets x 130lbs x 3 reps
Weighted Pull up 2sets x "+5lbs" x 8 reps (did only 7 reps on the 2nd set ..)
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