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Jonathan - From your description, it sounds like your primary symptom is that your knee feels tight when you attempt to flex it completely, especially if you are kneeling on that knee. This is possible due to fluid in the knee, either a prepatellar or infrapatellar bursitis (fancy words for inflammed sac of water in front of or below the knee cap) or an effusion (fluid) in the knee joint itself. The former conditions could be caused by the seiza position (do you train on a hardwood floor?) or other activities where you are kneeling. The latter may be due to an internal injury to the knee - torn ACL, torn meniscus, etc. (these may be relatively painless). Another possibility that occurs in some folks with long backgrounds in martial arts and the seiza position is a stretching of the ligamentous tissues that anchor the patella in place. This results in an incorrect tracking by the patella from its normal "groove". While this usually produces pain, it is possible that this has irritated your knee and produced an effusion. Bottom Line: (1) The tightness is most likely due to fluid and swelling wheter you can see it or not, (2) It sounds like you should see an orthopedic surgeon for an accurate diagnosis (just because he's a surgeon doen't mean he's going to cut on you!). Best of luck!
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