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Jonathan Kessler
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I've dealt with low back and shoulder injuries, but my knees have always been fine, up to now. But now...
My right knee feels "tight". Not hurting per se, and no obvious swelling. It is difficult for me to go to the end range of motion (fully bent), like when I kneel fully ("seiza" position), and at that point it hurts a bit. I can do squats without pain, though, but going onto my knees and keeping a good base while in someone's "guard" in BJJ is getting to be problematic. This started a couple of weeks ago. Stretching seemed to help for a while. Now it helps a bit, but has not helped much. Icing seems to help a bit too, but again, not completely.
I am also getting more "clicking and popping" in that knee joint.
Anyone experienced anything similar, or have any insight into what might be going on and how I can heal it? It's not a major problem yet, but I'd like to keep it from becoming one.
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