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Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis

Originally Posted by Joshua Gritton View Post
Learn the amazing art of the combat sling my friend.

I recently completed a road march movement of 28 miles holding a 240B and my rucksack as well as my friends (I could not let a buddy fall out). I have used the 240 since graduating training so having had time to test out some sling set ups I found the most useful and weight distributing ways.

Look around at some of the guys in your unit with the heavier weapons and see how they have it set up and their kit see how they set that up too will go long ways. Especially if you have a CO like mine who makes the machine gunners run up and down the lines on 'security'
So your point is to get used to holding weapons and having a heavy rucksack on your back, and find the correct set up.


If so I think so as well, still cant get hold of any weapons, but I will do my best to get used to marching with a heavy rucksack on my back.

Thanks buddy.
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