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Sears' newest video

Sorry if this has already been brought up.

It has been a great series! I appreciate Dr. Sears making this easy to understand and Robb Wolf elaborating on these topics. Although some of this is news to me, and I'm excited about that!

What I take home is this for each excercise nutrition phase:

"100 calories of protein/carbohydrate" -Sears
Translated to 1.5 blocks of protein/carbohydrate.

"...take these things into account in the 'pre-demand phase' and the 'demand phase'." -Sears
Translated to same-as-above.

From Robb Wolf's post:
.25 of daily total protein + .5 of daily total carbohydrate for "big" WOD's like, the "Filthy Fifty" I presume?
And, .25 daily total protein + .25 of daily total carbohydrate for "small" WOD's like, "Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps" I presume?

Question, "big" and "small" seems to be relative terms, so would Metcon and Strength/Muscular Endurance be more fitting?

" an IV drip." and "...a little more carbohydrate than protein." -Sears
Translated to finishing off the rest of your required blocks for the day and add in maybe a .5 block of carbohydrates, correct?

Please let me know if this is misunderstood in any way, thanks!
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