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Ear Infectionsand Paleo

I have been on a paleo regimen for about 2 weeks (which I love by the way). Late last week, I got such a bad ear infection that my ear drum ruptured... blood and puss drained from my ear for 36 hours and I spent easily the most painful day of my life with this (morphine did nothing for the pain).

I don't think I've had an ear infection since I was about 5 (34 now). Does anyone know if there are are characteristics of the paleo diet that can lead to ear infections? I include raw milk in my diet (about 2 8 oz cups per day), but this is no different than my pre-paleo days. I also eat boiled egg whites or eggs on a daily basis (only ate them rarely pre-paleo). I have heard these two foods could result in infections as well. I realize I could be correlating facts here and that my diet change may have nothing at all to do with this recent condition. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
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