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Re: Newbie needs to know about carbs after exercise

Ok I'm French , at work, but I just read The paleo diet for Athletes recently and I could try to summarize the main points that my poor little memory has remember.

There are actually 2 windows after a workout.

The first one is withing 30min after your workout, where a good protein shake will make sure you take advantage of that window. It will help with the "muscle are being eaten for energy" scenario. You could also add some kind of carbs in that Shake to take care of the "muscle have used all their glycogen reserve and need to refill those reserves prior to starting the actual recovery and rebuilding of the muscle" scenario ( excuse me for such an awful sentence ).

So that's the first window.

Which is also shared by the second window. 3 to 4h after your workout, eating a good meal, well balanced, with some fast carbs( rice/pasta/potatoes) that actually higher ure insulin level, which will make more sugar get to the muscle, and thus once again help with the refilling of the glycogen reserve in your muscles. Again you want to refill those reserves ASAP simply due to the fact that until those reserves aren't filled up again ( not entirely but to a good amount), you muscle will keep trying to refill the glycogen reserve instead of starting to rebuild/enhance/tweak/etc... the muscle itself.

It's really a logic thing IMO, workout hard , no more glycogen, re-stock that glycogen, build that muscle accordingly to the new stress he was hit with, rinse and repeat.

I hope I at least make a bit of sense....Sometimes my english is really odd.

Good luck


People tend to suggest a shake after workout to take care of the first window of "opportunity" simply because after such workouts people are not generally enclined to eat an actual meal. If you can though, it would be the best.

As said chocolate milk got one of the best "natural" ( ya i know, more or less natural) ratio around.
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